The Top of Playingwithfashion 2013

This has been one hell of a blogging year for me. It was a year that I finally found my voice and my identity for this blog. With so many ups and downs, I managed to stay focused and just blog for fun without trying to please anyone. After doing so, I was lucky enough to find people that appreciated what I wrote and my number of subscribers started increasing. I want to thank each and every one of you my lovely readers for being there for me.

Now, to the main purpose of this post; I wanted to go down the memory lane with you and remember the best posts of the year 2013. (you can click on the title to see the whole post )

5. Lusting Over :: Celine Tie Bicolor Tote


4. Mini Office Zara Bag Review


3.New Match


2.Braided Summer


1. Double Striped


My favorite post was definitely the Braided Summer! What was yours?


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