30×30 Challenge

This post has long been due. I have been trying to write this post and start the challenge for more than a year now, but somehow managed to pass it by and try to postpone it to the far future. I have finally decided that I should postpone no more, and that NOW is the time to finally challenge myself and my creativity and do something different.

When it comes to styling or putting together an outfit, we directly put specific things in our closets together, thus creating amazing outfits that can last only for a while. i.e. this top with this skirt or that jumper with those pants. But once we try to mix and match those outfits, we don’t get anything. Why you ask? well the answer is simple, we buy things and visualize them as the store has presented it to us without trying to incorporate them into our own closets.

This has been a huge problem with me, since I have a huge amount of clothes in my wardrobe, and still I don’t consider myself fulfilled with it, because I don’t have the perfect wardrobe that can work for all the occasions. From time to time I try to fill in the gaps, by getting the stuff that I think are missing, but still I end up with even more pieces, that I still wear in typical outfits. After a lot of thought and the discovery of some amazing blogs such as Kendieveryday, I realized that the problem wasn’t that I don’t have enough clothes in my wardrobe, but that I have too much pieces which are not worn to their full capabilities. πŸ˜€

Although I have become in the past year very adventurous in my styling, I still tend to do stay safe in experimenting with the mix&match of different pieces of clothes together. So, I have decided that it is the perfect time to challenge myself and do the 30×30 challenge, and see my capabilities in creating stylish outfits from a minimum amount of clothes.

For all of you who are not familiar with this challenge, let me brief you quickly. Basically, you have to choose 30 pieces from your wardrobe, which include tops+bottoms+shoes+jackets+dresses, and wear them for a total of 30 days without repeating any of the outfits thus creating 30 different looks. This is quite a big job to handle, but it allows a lot of creativity and making you more aware of the Bigger Capabilities of your wardrobe.

So here are my picks for my first 30×30 challenge, check them out, because these are the only pieces you would see me wearing for 30 days (ahhhh, scary!!!)

Wish me luck πŸ˜€

30x30 challege 1 30x30 challege230x30 challege6 30x30 challege3 30x30 challege4 30x30 challege730x30 challege5

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14 thoughts on “30×30 Challenge

  1. Maya what did you use to make the collages? I searched for many sources but nothing I find makes me do a collage of MY OWN clothes. everything I find is like polyvore, help !

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