Mustard All the Way


I want to start this post by acknowledging my weird relationship with Leggings. I am either a tights user or a pants users, so the combination ob both really confuses me, and I just can’t see the point in them.

When I find a nice pair of leggings, I pity the thought of just wearing them in a certain way, mostly with long shirts. When I see someone wearing a pair of leggings, I just get goosebumps and can’t appreciate the whole outfit, since they look unflattering on almost everyone (except those lucky bastards that have amazing bodies).

But, this was yesterday. Today, I plead guilty of wearing my Calzedonia Leggings as pants! and you know what? I liked it. 😀

The reason I decided to wear the leggings is very simple, I just adore the print and the colors and think they are an amazing piece to have in your wardrobe. In addition, there are endless outfit combinations that could be created with them .

So, this is a very SHORT introduction for why I am wearing my leggings as pants. ( sorry for that :P)

Since we are done explaining the Leggings, I would like to emphasize, for the millionth of time, the importance of having a Mustard Cardigan in your wardrobe. I am just saying, ” Go, buy it now! you can thank me later!”
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What I wore:

Top: Uturque | Cardigan: Stradivarius | Leggings: Calzedonia | Heels: Bershka | Bag: Zara | Sunglasses: TomFord

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10 thoughts on “Mustard All the Way

  1. Lol I think it’s mainly about the fabric – viscose leggings tend to be ok and don’t show panty lines but it depends on their thickness, full lycra is ok on those occasions when you have to emulate Sandy from Grease the musical lol and with seamless underwear and perhaps a top that just covers the behind. Cotton and polycotton depends on the individual pair as they are hard to look after and tend to stretch, get baggy or bobble horribly – also depends on the amount of spandex. On the whole I see leggings as separate to tights, they are not opaque i.e. thick tights they are actually not see through even when stretched and not just footless tights. They’re just second skin skinnies/trousers that stretch, if that makes sense and have crossed over from gymnasiums and anywhere people do light exercise and/or meditation to everyday wear.

    Needless to say yours are fine and were worn very well!:-D

  2. When it comes to leggings like this, I think it’s completely find to wear them as pants. Also, your bod is awesome and there’s no funny business in the front 😛 (sorry for er the awkward comment!) Ok, this is on my to do list (the 30 for 30). After the stupid video uploads and I do laundry… ❤

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