Up the Amp


As much as I wanted to be able to post everyday of the week, I couldn’t make that happen. Sundays for me are all about family and relaxation, where the world of internet disappears and I return to the world of real people around me. I did manage to take all the pictures of the two outfits from the week and I will try to post the #6 and the #7 today.

I have become obsessed with fashion and styling for the past couple of years, and I have been trying so hard to make a statement  out of my clothes that it simply defines me these days. I feel comfortable wearing  many layers more than wearing just one top.

So I kind of struggle with weekend wear, I know that I want to wear something casual and comfy at the same time, but I don’t want to loose the edge.

After a lot of thought, I decided that sometimes there is a beauty in wearing simple outfits that speak for themselves, and that is what I do on weekends, I let the outfit lead me. And this saturday it was all about a cosy sweater over a pair of my favorite jeans and thats it.

To make it a little special, I wore my new MAC lipstick in the shade “Up the Amp” and voila I feel so much more put together.

(is it just me or everyone doesn’t think an outfit is finished without the lipstick?)


I desperately need to visit my hairdresser! the Ombre needs a lot of toning 😦

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