Lusting Over :: Mary Janes

Lusting Over :: Mary Janes
In my opinion there are two types of girls out there, the girls that are obsessed with SHOES and the girls that prefer the BAGS. I am 100% a BAG – OBSESSED, so when it comes to shoes I am pretty much neutral. I do like buying a new pair of shoes from time to time, but I never get obsessed about a designer shoe as I do with the bags ( YES, GIVENCHY ANTIGONA I am talking about you)
I still like to have a variety of shoes for styling my looks, and one type of shoes is missing from my wardrobe, and I need to fill the gap. The type I am talking about, as the title suggests, is the MARY JANES. They are the perfect combination of sexy and casual and reminds me slightly of  Mary Poppins.
So, my next mission is finding the perfect pair of Mary Jane shoes, any help ? ( I am on a budget here)

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