I am always excited to share with my readers the beauty products that blew my mind away and that I think  are totally worth the buy. But, I am more excited to talk about horrible products that I would never recommend even to my worst enemy.


Since, I am not a fan of a full coverage foundation on a daily basis, I prefer using a tinted moisturizer or a BB Cream. Through the past year I have tried 2 BB creams that are my total must haves for me, and that I tend to reach for when I feel my skin is in need of a boost. The 2 BB creams I am talking about are the DIORNUDE BB cream and the Garnier one. Both of them I would totally recommend to fellow Dry Skin girls and would repurchase as soon as I ran out one of them.

And because of my very positive experience with drugstore BB creams so far, I could not but try out the new release from the NIVEA skin care range. To my surprise it was a very BAD one. I have never tried something so horrible and useless as this product. It doesn’t give any of the promises stated on the tube, and made my almost non-problematic skin look 100% worth.


The only good thing I can say about this product is that it is a very decent moisturizer for your skin, but NIVEA is quite known for its skin products. And now let’s state the bad parts:

 1. I chose the lightest shade ( I think it comes in 3 shades), and it was still pretty dark for my skin. the lightest shade is more medium as I found out.

 2. The color of the creme is more on the RED side, so I can’t really imagine anyone who wants her skin looking red.

 3. The staying power is ridiculous. The product disappears in an hour.

 As a conclusion, if you ever considered buying this and giving it a try, please note that you have been warned.



6 thoughts on “NIVEA BB CREAM REVIEW

  1. ya mami, you weren’t joking when you said it’s bad 😛 I need to repurchase the Garnier one, AH MY LOVE! I kinnndaaaa want to try the Dr. Jart? (is that what it’s called?).

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