Statement Tights


With only 10 days left for the challenge to end, it’s starting to get pretty hard dressing up in the morning. To make the outfits look interesting and different, I try to add statement accessories that can elevate the whole look. These accessories could vary from a hat to the tights you are wearing.
For this outfit I chose to make my Tights the center of attention and wear everything else look monochromatic (black and white).  This grey coat from ZARA saved me through the cold days we are having in Lebanon ( it’s -3 in Aaraya, where I live), so I am very happy I put it in the challenge. The only regret I am having is not choosing some Tall Boots, but it’s ok.

3 42 5

What I wore:

Top: TSC | Coat: Zara | Tights: Old from Russia | Skirt: Stradivarius | Scarf: old H&M | Bag: GS stores


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