Pick your Favorite


I was so hesitant before of starting the #30x30challenge , and always made different excuses, but it actually was an amazing experience all in all. Through this I discovered my personal style more and found out that it is much easier being creative with a limited amount of clothes in your arsenal.

In addition, I really found out what are the pieces that I really value and which are versatile for styling and which are not. And this is a huge point for when you go shopping, since you do have to choose a piece that already can be paired with several elements in your wardrobe in order to BUILD a WORKING CLOSET .

So, I decided before starting to work on my new project ( which I am so excited about, details coming pretty soon) I want to go back and review the Challenge that I went through and ask you guys on what did you think about and which outfit is your favorite πŸ˜€ Β Thank you ( sorry for the overwhelming post )Β 


6 thoughts on “Pick your Favorite

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