Time To Be Organized


Almost every one who knows me, can say that I am not a very organized person. It’s not like I am messy, it’s just I never have a routine or balance in my life. I do things when I feel like doing them, and most of the time postpone things to their extremities.
But there comes a time in your life, where you feel overwhelmed with all the things you have to do and all the responsibilities, that your brain stops functioning properly. This happened to me last week! with my full-time job, my house( I am married, so I do all the cleaning and the cooking) and my blog, I couldn’t make the best of everything and found myself desperately failing in at least one of them. But I want them all to be present equally in my life. So, I decided that I am going to start scheduling my days and actually write down all the to-do lists on a piece of paper instead of going through my mind.

Since you are here to follow my blog and not what I am cooking  😛 let’s stop talking about other stuff and focus on the BLOG schedule. I have decided to make posts more regular and on particular days, so that you can know the days that I am posting on and read the posts that you are interested in. (or you can visit me everyday,I don’t mind 😀 )

I am going to blog on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY with occasional weekend posts. Each day of the week would have a different subject to discuss, and they go something like this:





I think with this schedule my blog would offer everything that I am interested in sharing with you, and it helps you navigate easier through the content. Plus, if you are here for the makeup tips and not into fashion at all, then you would know to visit my blog every FRIDAY for the fresh dose of makeup inspiration.

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