Whimsical Dreams


No, that’s not a real spider climbing towards me! and Yes, I specifically chose the location for the shoot because of this gorgeous sculpture. If you are from Lebanon, then I think you are quite familiar with the Collection of Sculptures in Aley area. Since I was in my university years, we used to go there with a bunch of friends in the late afternoon to enjoy the amazing ART and the gorgeous view of the whole Beirut city. It has been a while since I visited the place, so I was happy to make a trip down the memory lane.

The weather this weekend was very much unpredictable and gloomy. The temperatures hit 28 deg Celsius, but the wind was pretty harsh too, so a jacket was a necessity, plus the weather in Aley was closer to the 20s.

With the change of temperatures, I had a drastic change in my dress-up mood, I wanted something Spring-y and classic at the same time. For me, Spring is all about the Florals in all it’s glory. So, I decided to Wear by Floral Jacket with my Tulle skirt for a Fairy-tale  feel.
Hope you enjoy this outfit, and if you haven’t visited the Sculptures of Aley, I definitely recommend a road trip there.
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What I wore:

Leather Jacket: Zara | Floral Jacket: Kira Plastinina | Skirt: Samiia |Shirt: Tom Tailor | Heels: Topshop | Necklace: Dalya


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