Intro P x E

An edgy winged liner, poppy vintage lips & a mutual passion for the Beauty World, this is where Maya Shokor from ” Playing with fashion ” & Elsa O. from ” Elsa O. L’accessoire ” meet.

We met while shooting for Something Blue in December and since then we quickly took notice of this common passion of ours and thought of doing something about it.

For Maya : Makeup is just another crucial part of getting dressed and putting together an outfit. No LOOK is complete without a final touch of a Bold Lipstick on the lips before heading out the door.

For Elsa : Makeup is one of the most fun & multifunctional Accessories…to finish up a style and give it a very unique distinguished identity.

In the world of Blogging nowadays you can  find yourself lost in all of the information that is being provided to you  by so many amazing bloggers, whether in Fashion or in Beauty. So, as a result you get overwhelmed with all kind of tips and suggestions, and conclude that you need someone to narrow it down to basic tips. That is exactly what we are going to fulfill through this unique “Collaboration”.

” Beauty Bloom “ will be presenting some of the SS14 Beauty Trends that you would definitely enjoy recreating and adapting to your own style this season.

Expect tutorials & ideas that would fill your imagination with some new and creative ideas… STAY TUNED.


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