Beauty Bloom :: Pastel Nails Part 1


And here we are after months of planning and filming we can start sharing with you what we have collaborated for. If you haven’t seen the introduction post to the Beauty Bloom you can check it here. As we already mentioned, we decided to narrow down all the beauty trends that have been mentioned in the Runway SS14.

For our first post we dedicated it all to the Pastel Nail trends and what colors are in trend for this season.
To make this video a lot more informative, we went for a manicure type of videos where we showed step-by-step all the products that should be used when taking care of your nails and making your manicure last longer.

This is the first part from the Pastel Nail post, stay tuned for the part 2 where we would be showing how to add Nail Art 😀

Video done with Elsa O. from Elsa O. L’accessoire


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