Pop Art Spring Edition

6Nothing like a Fun Dress to lift your mood on a regular dress. And what better than a 60’s style dress to start with.

Dresses and skirts have always been my favorite pieces to shop for and to have in my closet, they add enough amount of interest and playfulness to any look you are planning for.

In this case I opted for this very 60’s dress from Zara that has a shift-like shape and a pop art print! and Who doesn’t like some black and white in their outfits?
The Neon pockets add a perfect surprise element. To make this look more casual, i decided to pair it with my favorite Jeans Jacket (I’ve had this jacket for 9 years and it’s still looking great, I even think it looks better with age) and a pair of converse for a totally easy look. The hat is there for a needed touch of glamour.

Orange lip is all you need this spring, so why not accessorize with a Bold Matte Color.

734582 1What I wore:

Dress: Zara | Jacket: old | Shoes: Converse | Hat: H&M | Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

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