Beauty Bloom :: Pastel Nails Part 2

This video is in Collaboration with Elsa from ElsaO.L’accessoire 


It is time for the Second Part of our BEAUTY BLOOM Nail Edition, where we would be talking all about the different Nail-Art trends as seen on the Runway. (if you haven’t seen the first video, you can click here )
For me Nail Art is something very far from my comfort zone, I prefer changing up my nail polish colors often, but I can’t be bothered with more than that, but after seeing all these gorgeous nail art done on the models and seen in the magazines, I decided that it is my time to change and try something a little bit different but easy at the same time. The above video shows that with little patience you can go a long way. 😀

what do you think of Nail Art in general? and have you ever tried any of the mentioned in the video above?


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4 thoughts on “Beauty Bloom :: Pastel Nails Part 2

  1. Hey Maya I just made a new fb page { for my blog } the other day, would you mind checking it out and inviting people who might be interested in it to like it ?
    Please & thank you 🙂
    xo xo

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