Chambray Shirt Addiction


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If anyone asks me right now what piece in my closet has the most value to me, without any doubt I would say my Chambray Shirt (I do own 2, but I can live with only one). This unconventional denim shirt has the abundance to blend within any Outfit or Style you are trying to achieve. It is perfect for both the casual days or the more dressy occasions as seen in the Collage above.

The ways you can wear this shirt are endless, it perfectly transitions from one season to another and is the highlight of any layering I am trying to do. It could be worn as a jacket or a light coverup on those spring and cold summer nights, and as a shirt under summer dresses during the Colder seasons. I can start talking about the chambray shirts and wouldn’t be able to stop, but I can say that it is the MUST-HAVE in any closet for any generation.

Although I have already worn my Chambray Shirt in so many different ways, i still find that I need more inspiration and more ways that I could rock this shirt. For this reason I have dedicated a whole Pinterest Board under the name of “How To Wear a Chambray Shirt” where I pin all the different inspirations around the internet and from other bloggers to keep me motivated and living in inspiration. If you are interested you can check my “chambray” interest board here.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.51.55 PM

What are your thoughts on the Chambray Shirt Obsession? are you obsessed as much as I am?

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