5 Minutes Makeup


We all have those days when you wake up late in the morning, and have a limited of time to get ready before rushing through the door. Or the times where you don’t want to cake yourself with too many products on your face, but still want to look fresh. This post is dedicated to all of the mentioned above.

When it comes to a time limit when doing my makeup, I try to use products that really make a difference to my face. In my case it’s the eye area, in precise the huge bags under my eyes and the mascara. Without these 2 products I would never be seen in public. It’s not that I am very conscious of my appearance, but I like looking fresh and awake and the dab of concealer with a little bit of Mascara do the job for me.

So, for my quick makeup I start with applying concealer to hide my huge bags and I like using the Garnier Roll-on concealer because of the easy application and the light texture of it. Then by using a pencil eyeliner, I am using the AVON shock pencil in Cosmic Brown, I trace my upper lashline and create a small winged line to open up my eyes a little bit.  I finish the eye makeup  by applying two coats of The Rocket Mascara by Maybelline and brushing through my eyebrows with the LUMENE Brow Gel Tint in Soft Brown. I love using products that are multifunctional, so that’s why I love using the NYX Cream Blush in Orange for both my cheeks and my lips.

And Voila! we are done with makeup and now all we have to do is put the hair in a Messy Bun and we are good to go.


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