Blossom Diadem :: Part 2 (Dolce&Gabbana inspired)

This video is in Collaboration with Elsa from ElsaO.L’accessoire 

Now that we have seen how to create our own Blossom Diadem through the last video (if you haven’t yet seen the post before this, check it through this link) , we are now capable of recreating a look similar to the Dolce&Gabbana Runway Hairstyle.

We have simplified the up-do and made it a very modern looking style which is perfect for the hot summer weather. All you need is a couple of SMALL RUBBER BANDS, BOBBY PINS of all sizes, a SEPARATING COMB, HAIRSPRAY and the FLORAL CROWN.

This up-do can be worn simply without any accessories, or accessorized in your own way. THINK BIG and BOLD! Go for Rhinestones, Flowers, interesting hair pins and make it a piece of ART.

If you haven’t seen the First SETS of Tutorials from the Beauty Bloom Collaboration, you can check it through the links

(Pastel Nail 1Pastel Nails 2)

(Peachy Glow 1Peachy Glow2)

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