@playingwithfashion Lately



|Topshop metallic flats, a total score on sales|

It has been quite a hectic month in my life and that’s why I haven’t been able to post as regular as I wanted to, but I think I’ ll be back on track starting this May.

So, since not all of my blog follower’s follow me on Instagram, I have decided to share some snapshots from my life from now and then to keep you guys posted and well informed

|From my last appearance on BBeirut where I discussed Beauty Bloom Collaboration|





|Surprise Goodies from L’oreal Cosmetics. Loving the Liner and not so sure about the Mascara just yet|

5 | My Colorful Outfit of the Day |

| Lovely Floral Arrangements at the Poise Design Event (it is on my DIY wishlist) |



| Visit to The Agenda Beirut headquarters. A great place to try something new |


| From the “PRINTS” episode on BBEIRUT, wearing prints, dah |


| Wide curls for a change |


| Halo Braids and a Floral Dress for the TV |

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