Review :: L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara and Super Liner


It is finally the time that I review the new addition to the L’Oreal Mascaras, the MISS MANGA mascara. From the highly anticipating launch and the amazing commercials I knew it was something different. It is far from the typical L’oreal Mascaras releases. And I knew I wanted to try it out, since I am always on the hunt for the best Mascara in the market.

I decided to put the Miss Manga to a test in addition to the L’Oreal  Super Liner Gel in the WaterProof version and decide whether they deserve to a place in my Makeup Collection.

I love wearing a simple Cat-eye look for a day to day basis, so a black eyeliner is a must in my routine. Since I have started using the L’oreal Liner i fell in love from the first Flick. So, let me state its Pros and Cons:_MG_8612


– It has a Gel form which makes it really neat in application and has a very rich color

– it is Automatic, so you don’t need to sharpen every time you use it. A huge SCORE for me.

– It is waterproof, so you can easily rock it during the Summer Hot weather.


– You don’t have a lot of product, so for its price tag it makes me definitely rethink purchasing it again

Mascara for me is the main element of my Makeup. On the days that I don’t wear anything on my face, I at least have a coat of Mascara so that I could feel more like myself. Since I have pretty short lashes, I tend to like Mascaras that give me amazing Length and Curl over Volume. Mega Length is exactly what i was expecting from this Mascara but alas it didn’t give me what I want. I can’t say it is a bad Mascara, but it is not good for me or for people who need a lengthening one. Here is the list of Pros and Cons:



– The Shape of the wand is perfect for getting every short hair in the corners for the oomph of volume


– The Wobbly wand gets really annoying and makes the process of putting mascara not an easy one

– Although it gives enough Volume, it doesn’t give me the length i prefer. L’oreal ‘s TELESCOPIC Mascara is amazing at both giving volume and length so I prefer that to this

– At the end of the working day, I do see traces of the mascara under my eyes which really annoys me .

All in all it is a GOOD Mascara but not the greatest. I would still use it, but don’t think I would repurchase it when it’s done. There are so many other Mascaras in the Market that give my Lashes everything I want them to look like. _MG_8608have you tried this Mascara? What were your thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Review :: L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara and Super Liner

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  2. That’s weird ! This is not how it made my lashes look 😮
    I think it’s because you have shorter lashes or something. But I really loved, I ditched my maybelline for it :p

  3. My thoughts are along the same lines too. The wobble wand is my main problem! I feel like it doesn’t let me enjoy the product properlly, because the application is so annoying..

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