How to Elongate Your Legs :D


Although we all love wearing our Skinny Jeans on a day-to-day basis, most of the times they don’t flatter our bodies perfectly when worn in a certain way that makes us look shorter than we really are. And we all want to have those Model- never- ending-legs, so we have to get back to basics with this. With back to basics, I mean the WIDE LEG pants ladies and gentlemen. Nothing makes those legs look never ending, like a perfectly fitted pair of black pants and a killer pair of heels. And BAM you have a winner.

For some this maybe a not so usual look on me, but I am a person who loves to play with style and sometimes it’s nice getting out of the comfort zone. _MG_8815 _MG_8818 _MG_8820 _MG_8827 _MG_8836 _MG_8843What I wore:

Top: Milia M | Pants: GAP | Heels: Topshop | Bag: Cortefiel | Necklace + ring: Turkey (old) | Sunglasses: Tomford

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