A Little Thank You


When I first started blogging, I have never thought that it would become such a huge part of my life. What started as a simple hobby, a place of my own,this blog turned into something so much more that opened my eyes for the endless opportunities that are in front of me. With so many plans and collaborations in the near future, I can only say THANK YOU my lovely readers that believed in me and in my small blog, and saw it as a  place of constant inspiration. Your Support is the main thing that motivates me and gets me excited for expanding my blog.
Since this month is a very blooming month for PLAYINGWITHFASHION, I decided to kick it with a GIVEAWAY to say thank you to all that stood beside me.
This giveaway is going to be a FACEBOOK giveaway, so click here to be redirected to the page.

I am sorry to announce that since it is my first giveaway, it is going to be local, so only readers living in Lebanon can participate. But I promise the next giveaway is going to be international. 😀

What’s in the BOX:

here are some bits and bobs that are my MUST-HAVES and which I would love to share with you.

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