Summer in the Woods


With the beginning of Summer, I look forward to spending my weekends with my closest friends having a lovely picnic in our usual spot, or taking the car for a road trip towards the unknown. It is always exciting when you stumble upon a place that speaks history and culture. A place where time simply stops, and you end up forgetting about the present time and relive the past.

For those “discovery” days i tend to stay away from my usual style and go for something casual and comfy at the same time. A pair of your favorite skinny jeans could be great, but this summer it is all about thinking outside the box, so why not choose a pastel print pair of jeans instead of your typical blue ones, since it is all about the light colors and prints. To make the outfit even more interesting pair it with a complementary printed top for a little print mix and pop of color.

A usual staple in my spring and summer closet is always a chambray shirt and a neutral slip-ons, since whatever you tend to wear, they always come in handy for those chilly nights on the beach or in the mountains.

So, this Summer why don’t you take your friends and your car and visit a place you have never been to before and do some exploring. You can never know what you have been missing 😀

_MG_9916 _MG_9920 _MG_9923 _MG_9935 _MG_9909 _MG_9906 _MG_9901

What I wore:

Top: NOAH | Jeans: Best Mountain | Chambray shirt: Springfield | Slip-ons : NOAH | BAG: Parfois


10 thoughts on “Summer in the Woods

  1. Gorgeous photography on this post Maya! I’m loving your purse, it has a really versatile feel to it 🙂

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