What HE Wore


As much as we have Fashion Blogs in Lebanon, which are all pretty amazing and unique in their own ways, there has always been an empty spot for Male fashion. Is the reason that there are no stylish men in Lebanon? Of course not, but I think it has been labeled a long time ago, that Fashion Blogs are for those girls who have nothing to do than post pictures with new clothes ( some ppl actually told me that 😛 )
Fashion Blogs are  platforms for continuous inspiration and a never ending love for fashion, which shouldn’t be restricted to a certain gender , but admired by everyone.

So, I have decided to add a new Category to my Blog ” WHAT HE WORE” so that my male readers could enjoy some fashion tips too.
_MG_9951 _MG_9955 _MG_9967 _MG_9997

What HE wore:

Shirt: GAP | Blazer: ZARA | Pants: TopMan | Shoes: Aldo

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8 thoughts on “What HE Wore

  1. Loved your new section!! ❤
    Congrats on the effort and hard work …Fashion Bloggers are always criticized as shallow, but i wish people know about the hard work and long hours of editing and thinking of new ways to approach our readers!
    I think you're doing a brilliant job Maya! Much love ❤

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