My Summer Essentials


The phrase “Summer Essentials” could be understood in many ways depending on the person himself. Every persons needs and wants differ from one another. So, it’s always good to know what other people’s essentials are since you get a glimpse of who they really are.

For most people, Summer is all about the beach and the vacations, so you would definitely see a swimsuit or short shorts  in their “Summer Essentials” , but for me it’s more about spending the time in nature and visiting new places around Lebanon. That doesn’t mean I don’t got to the beach or on vacations, but I try to encourage myself into doing new things and visiting the unknown.

So, my main essentials for the Summer are mainly stuff that I try to renew every year, and they are a PAIR of Comfy SANDALS, a LIGHT SCARF, and a TSHIRT DRESS.

I wear my scarves mostly in the Summer, especially when I am in the mountains or in my Village, since it gets pretty chilly after the sun goes down. Plus it is an amazing accessory to spice up any simple dress.
As for the Sandals, it’s pretty easy, you can never have enough pairs of sandals and when they are both comfy and stylish they are a total winner in my opinion. My favorite for the summer is this gorgeous Nude and Gold pair from Springfield

What are your SUMMER ESSENTIALS? 1 3 5

What I wore:

Dress + Scarf: GS | Sandals: Springfield

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