Fashion Not Worth The Splurge


We have all been sucked into the wonderful world of Fashion, were we spend our time dreaming and coveting the amazing runway pieces,where most of them we can never ever have. But that doesn’t always mean that we can’t eventually get them. Some of these high-end pieces stay stuck in our hearts and we don’t get any rest until we have one of  these precious pieces in our closets. Although some of those coveted fashion pieces are totally worth the splurge and the money and time put into acquiring them , some of them stay, in my opinion, not WORTH the Splurge.

So, I have decided to talk about fashion which is not Worth the Splurge in this post. You may or may not agree with me on all of them, but this is simply how I feel ::


1. STATEMENT NECKLACES :: don’t get me wrong here, I am not talking about every designer necklace out there, I am only talking about the costume jewelry necklaces that have  ridiculous price-tags of over 100 $ and nothing special to give to the consumer other than being pretty . As pretty as they can be, they are never made of good materials or precious stones, and never look as expensive as their pricetags. The necklaces you get from your typical Zara or any similar shop have the same effect and don’t make you regret the purchase in the first place.  img-thing (1)

2. DESIGNER SLOGAN T-SHIRTS: for me a t-shirt is a t-shirt, so what does this designer piece add to my wardrobe ? I say nothing more than a regular T-shirt made of a good cotton blend. So, why the ridiculous prices and people running for them as if they were gold? I have no idea. Instead get a designer Blazer or a dress, a piece that would be a staple in your closet and get yourself a Slogan Tshirt from any typical store, since all of them have amazing tshirts with good fits and designs. matthew-williamson-spring-2013-shoes3. STATEMENT HEELS :: What would  any of us do for those killer pair of designer heels? anything I assume! Not a girl in this world would say no to a pair of Louboutins or Zanottis, and a good pair of nude or black pumps is a statement in any outfit and would serve you for a very long time. But sometimes these designers come with those extravagant statement shoes that are a treat to look at and total eye-catcher, but would they be practical for your day life? and are you going to get your money-worth out of it? I don’t think so. So, why buy a piece worth over 800$ to just wear once or twice ? ladies your call 😀 s1497940-main-Lhero

4. MASCARA: Although this is technically not a fashion piece, but for me the mascara compliments my look, so i have decided to add this to post. As much as I love my DIORSHOW Overcurl mascara,  I think it is not worth the splurge, for one reason only and that eventually it would dry out in a matter of 3 months as quickly as the typical drugstore mascaras. So, why spend 32$ on it when you can get the Maybelline GoExtreme or the L’oreal one for max 15$, and still get amazing lashes.

So, this is the list that comes to mind for now, I would try to update it as soon as anything new comes to mind. let me know in the comments below , what fashion pieces in your opinion are not Worth the Splurge?

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6 thoughts on “Fashion Not Worth The Splurge

    • Yeah, for me the heels should be always of good quality, I only mentioned the statement wacky heels that the designers sometimes have in their collections. but I am all for the classic pumps of classic shapes.

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