Furla Candy Bag Review


All girls can understand me when it comes to Bag obsession. And although I may not have all the capabilities to buy designer bags very often, I try to buy good quality leather pieces that would add the statement i want for my look. After my first designer bag, the CH one, I have added a new addition to my small but growing collection, this bag is the CANDY by Furla.
For some of you, this may be old news, since we have been seeing it a lot for the past couple of years, but I was never a true fan of the original Candy bag due to the whole rubber-y feeling which to me felt very childish. But this all changed when I received a Candy bag for my birthday.
I am by no means an expert in bags or anything, but this is just my honest opinion that I hope would help some of you who are considering in buying this bag.



Although I have been very skeptical about the Candy bag, this bag from the newest collection changed my mind totally. The addition of the leather parts, at the top and bottom of the bag, gives it a more modern and chic look than with the previous edition of only rubber. Plus it’s  pastel color-scheme is totally IN this season and merges perfectly with my Spring/Summer wardrobe.

It turned to be a perfect size for my daily use, not to big and not to small, and adds that needed oomph to any boring or casual outfit. I have been wearing this bag non-stop since I got it and can’t say enough good things about it, but there are a couple of  cons that are needed to be stated, so here they are:


My main concern about this bag is that it’s too damn heavy even when it is empty. I think that is due to the materials used and the overall shape of the bag, but still I think they could have made it a little bit lighter. In addition to it’s weight, the lack of a longer shoulder strap is a big dilemma to me too, since I can’t get the idea behind not having one. The weight of the bag would have been more bearable with a longer strap in my opinion. One other thing that bothers me about this Candy, is that it has only one compartment inside the bag, without even having a small zipper pocket for those small bibs and bobs that we all have.

All in all, this bag is an amazing piece in my wardrobe and I have never loved a bag more than this.

What do you think of this bag? are you loving it or so over it?


You can find this Bag online here.

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11 thoughts on “Furla Candy Bag Review

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  4. I saw this in ABC Ashrafieh (quite prominently displayed on the vitrine near the entrance of Virgin) and I almost, almost, bought it for my wife because I really liked it.. But because it’s controversial (you either really love it or hate it), I decided to wait and have her see it first.. maybe I’ll show her this post 🙂

    • It is really a very gorgeous bag, with all its faults. I would have never bought it myself, but really happy that my husband gifted his personal choice 😀
      hope your wife would like the pros and cons and decide on it 😀

  5. Yeah I totally agree with you when you say you hated it for its rubber-ish. However I Love the color combination I think this pro just oversees the rest of what you mentioned!


    Le Journal de Leen

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