Indian Adventure 1 :: Getting To Know GOA


Before you even start reading the post, be warned, it’s really packed densely with photos 😀 So, get your favorite cup of tea and enjoy the trip to the magical world of GOA 😀

When we were deciding on our Summer Destination for this year, we were mainly considering visiting Thailand or Turkey because of their convenience and since we have visited them before, but somehow we stumbled upon some images on google of GOA and we simply fell in love with that magnificent place in India. Thus our whole plan changed in the last minute and we headed to the land of mystery (at least for me it was a mystery at that time). With all the excitement and the last minute planning we somehow did the taboo in vacation planning and DIDN”T CHECK THE WEATHER. I know, I know, how did we manage to forget that, I really don’t have the answer to that question. While we saw the images of the sunny, beach-y weather of GOA we packed accordingly to that and were really surprised to discover it was the Monsoon season there, i.e. a hell lot of rain. At first, we were kind-off devastated but we quickly realized that it shouldn’t mess with our plans and we had the best time ever experiencing INDIA in a totally different way.

Monsoon season may be the low season for Goan tourism, but it is the most perfect time for discovering the real beauty of the nature and the people. Since, there weren’t a lot of tourist roaming around the streets it was actually easier to navigate and talk to the locals than in the high season. The only negative thing that we had encountered was that we couldn’t enjoy the beautiful beaches and the seas, but other than that it was perfect.

To my surprise, Goa was a Portuguese Colony and not British like I thought all India was, so when you stroll through the streets you somehow feel like you have magically been teleported to an Old street in Portugal 😀 where all the houses have that Spanish feel to it. All the houses are in the colors of the rainbow, so it is never dull walking down the streets with pops of colors  peeking through the greenery.

GOA exceeded all my expectations, it is such a beauty to look at and a perfect place to get in contact with your inner self. From the amazing natural scenery to the abundance of wild life to the genuine lifestyle of it’s people, Goa would always have a dear place in my heart and I am going to visit it again to experience it all over.

_MG_0151 _MG_0162 _MG_0187 _MG_0190 _MG_0199 _MG_0208 _MG_0221 _MG_0231 _MG_0233 _MG_0252 _MG_0277 _MG_0288 _MG_0298 _MG_0310 _MG_0320 _MG_0323 _MG_0335 _MG_0425 _MG_0442

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