Indian Adventure 3 :: A Stroll in Nature

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As much as I enjoyed wandering through the streets of the Goa’s main city Panjim, there were days where I preferred staying in the premises of the LEELA Resort and stroll in their beautiful gardens around the main Lagoons.

The resort that we stayed in was able to combine everything that is magnificent around the area, from the exotic birds to the different spice plantations. While Strolling through the different gardens you can get to know more about Goan traditions and dwell into their beautiful natural colors.
So, what’s better than having your morning jog or yoga session while surrounded by the calmness of the Mother Earth. I have never felt so serene and calm than when I had my daily yoga class in the middle of the lagoon island.

What I wore:

Top: Milia M | Skirt: Cotton On | Sandals: Springfield | Sunglasses: Promod | Bag: Parfois

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