The Eyeliner 3 Ways ft Duniati Channel



One of my favorite and hateful things in makeup is definitely drawing the EYELINER. I have been struggling for years in order to perfect the application and the final result, but still there are days were they just don’t want to look the same (have this happened to you before? )

I keep watching different tutorials by different girls on youtube to find their tricks and I think I have found what the trick is actually all about !!!! PRACTICE !!! nothing makes the eyeliner more precise and perfect than practicing the application on your own eyes. Don’t consider that if you watch some videos for a couple of hours, you can magically draw that coveted Cat-Eye look , but instead watch those videos to see which products help with the ease of the application and which hinder the matter.

I have been loving 3 types of Cat-eye looks using 3 different products, all of them I use on a regular basis, but still I prefer the GEL EYELINER for it’s simplicity and the amount of control you have.





Check the video below to see all the three looks in action.



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One thought on “The Eyeliner 3 Ways ft Duniati Channel

  1. Fashion is the bone of in new modern of time because everyone want to wear different and unique stuff and also want to look attractive to other. So i think that’s a great work you are doing !!! please keep up it continue.

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