The Perfect Grey


Is there actually a “Perfect” Grey Tshirt? I don’t know. But what I do know, this has been the longest mission in my life !!!

I have lately been letting go of some stuff in my closet that were not doing me any favor, and after that clean-out I marked down the stuff that I thought were missing and would be the best addition to my permanent working closet.

On top of that list were the Grey and Striped Tshirt, both of which are a crucial part of any closet what-so-ever. And I am glad to announce that I did find the grey top in ZARA and it is perfection. I love everything about it, from the fit, to the color to the sleeves, and I am actually thinking of getting it in white too, so we’ll see about that.

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What I wore:

Top: ZARA | Jeans: Pull&Bear | Bag: Cortefiel | Flats: ZARA | Sunnies: Stradivarius | Necklace: Swarovski

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2 thoughts on “The Perfect Grey

  1. Of course get it in white! What kind of a question is that 😛
    For me, I need the perfect white shit and the perfect olive green shirt! I just got a new one from AEO and I looovee itt. Badda post 😛

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