Top 5 Summer Accessories ft. Duniati Channel


Fashion and style is nothing without the addition of accessories to the whole look. You can be wearing the most boring white tshirt and skinny jeans, but style them with killer heels and a statement necklace and you get one trend look.

It is all in the balance of things that you don’t need to change your pieces in your wardrobe to have a changed look, all you have to do is mix-up the accessories and get an instant upgrade.

In my latest video with DUNIATI Channel I am talking all about my favorite Summer Accessories that I have worn to death and by no means I am going to let go. They are all here to stay.

So, check out the video below to get a glimpse of my FAVORITE SUMMER ACCESSORIES ::



My Favorite Summer Accessories are :

1. Statement Necklaces

2. White and Blue Nailpolishes

3. MAC lipstick in UP the Amp

4. ZARA white clutch

5. Small Rings

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Summer Accessories ft. Duniati Channel

  1. Yes i agree with your thinking without fashion and style our life is alone less. All fashion and accessories you choose for showing your glamorous look i love all your dress and makeup you have put thanks ❤

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