Makeup Mistakes to Avoid


We all try our best when doing our makeup, because it is a way of art. And in Art there is no Right or Wrong. It is a way of expression, and everyone does it in their own way.

But even in Art there are things that are more likely not to be done. So, in this post I have decided to point out a couple of Common Mistakes practiced by many because of lack of proper knowledge. I, myself were a victim of such small things that made a huge difference in my makeup looks.

By avoiding the things I am going to list your makeup would look more polished ( for more details you can catch up with the video ::

1. Over Contouring your cheeks. Unless you are going for the Angelina Look in Maleficent try going easy on the contouring and go for the bronzed goddess look. Give your face the lift it needs by using light bronzers and a fluffy brush.

2. Over lining your eyes. I have seen a lot of girls, (me included) using the black liner in a very bad way. Instead of making the eyes more flattering and open, lining the water line and the upper lash line creates a closed circle, that makes those eyes look drowny  and small. I prefer a cat eye look with a nude liner on the water line to have a cleaner and a more mature look.

3. Over lining the Lips. First of all, it’s not the 90s people!! I can’t believe people still do the Darker Liner + Lighter Lipstick duo :S | when applying your lipliner, make sure that the color you are using is complimentary to the lipstick and they blend well together. Or, do what I do, and use a nude-colored lipliner for all my lipsticks ( you can never go wrong with that)


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