Life Lately 3


Oh how i love vacations ❤ on my way to #airport


I still dream about the beauty of the Indian Nature 😀 It is so breathtaking


What’s India without some Hinna 😀


Catching the perfect moments on Polaroid 😀 Love you girls xoxo


One of my favorite things to bake are COOKIES! and this is how I spent my summer evenings :: Cookie + Dilmah Peppermint Tea


When one of your best Friends get married you have the best night of your life!


More wedding photos!! looking fresh and chic with the hubby


What little details make! doesn’t this look like a masterpiece? Yummy fron Fenikia in Jbeil


Being featured in Mondanite Magazine as 1 of their Inspirational Bloggers 😀




Having a private Master Class with the Lancome Makeup Artist 😀 stay tuned for a full post coming at the end of this week.

I sometimes forget that not all my readers follow me on Instagram and there are a lot of things happening there daily 😀

So, here are some snippets from the past couple of month.

What have you been up to?

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