Dating Coral


There are some pieces in my wardrobe that I simply can’t part with. Although I am mainly not very attached to my closet, there are things that I pretty sure would stay there for a very long time ( or at least till I can find better quality alternatives)

I think I have worn these pants in the very first OOTD that I have posted, and I managed to pop a couple more, but then I simply wasn’t feeling them for a whole year. This pair was saved from a lot of Closet Clean-outs over the time, but it managed to survive.

When I was trying to get dressed that very morning, I felt the urge to rock them and I couldn’t be happier 😀 I remembered how much they are a part of my style and I think I need another pair in a different color ( I am thinking Khaki) so we’ll how that goes.

Pairing the light Beige with the Vibrant color is the perfect combination in my opinion. and by wearing muted accessories you let the colors shine.
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What I wore:

Top: H&M | Pants: ZARA | Sandals: Springfield | Sunglasses: Promod | Bag: M2


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