Working The Yellow


For the Second Post of the PROMOD WEEK, I have decided to talk about the working girl and how it is sometimes hard going fashion forward in a strict working environment.

Since I do work in an Artistic Environment, I can pretty get away with almost everything in my closet, except for the shorts. Is it just me, or the shorts in all the stores have somehow transformed in panties? So, I find it quite difficult shopping for the perfect pair of shorts that could be styled up and down for all occasions.

When I saw these shorts in Promod, I fell instantly in love. They were everything I was searching for; the cut, the fit and the length were on spot. I decided to style it with a Yellow top for a nice pop of color, and a Denim Jacket for a casual feel. Denim Jacket is a total must-have for this Fall, since it gives a laid-back look to any conservative outfit.

To continue the MODERN OFFICE LOOK, you could always go with the classics; the Pumps and the Tote. For the pumps, forget about the simple designs, go bolder and chose a style that has a twist, like a color-block or a play-on-textures. As for the Tote, this season try to stay away from the typical Black or Beige colors and go for the Metallics and Deep rich colors.
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photos by Hsein Kazma

What I Wore:

The Whole Look by PROMOD.

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For more updates on the collaboration and many more you can check Promod’s Lebanon page on Facebook , here.

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