Living the Dream with ESPOSA

Although the wedding season in Lebanon is almost coming to an end, that doesn’t mean we have to stop discussing this topic since it is never late planning for next year. I actually LOVE winter weddings and find them more appealing to me, but to everyone their taste.

When you are a bride-to-be it becomes an overwhelming feeling planning the whole aspects of the future wedding, so it is always a good idea to have some people around you who can help and guide you throughout the process. As much as selecting the right Venue or the Catering Company, for the Bride it is always THE DRESS that comes FIRST.

All girls have been dreaming of their fairy-tale wedding since they were in kindergarten and they always fantasize about that perfect White Ball-Gown that would make them feel like princess for this one magical night. But selecting that one Gown could be a tough mission and the main helpers in this matter is a store that would make you feel at ease and at home, and a Stylist that could find that perfect DRESS for you.

ESPOSA Boutique in DownTown Beirut kindly invited me for a Private Styling Session last Month to introduce me to their amazing Dresses and the additional surprises fit for the Bride. Since I am happily married for 4 years now, I didn’t have the urge to play dress-up, I have decided to invite my Bestfriend Kristina and try to find her the GOWN which would be the most flattering on her figure.

The boutique is located in the center of Beirut, in a 3-story-high place, that has everything the bride need to feel relaxed, from the numerous gowns to the private rooms that give each bride their own corner in the store.

We started our journey with sitting down with Kristina and discussing what type of gowns she imagines herself in, and which models she likes in the catalogue. After that, we headed to one of the Private Rooms to try them on and decide on the Dress that could be THE ONE.

JOE_7615b JOE_7618b

The first dress Kristina tried was by MARCHESA, an amazing flowy dress that is perfect for those Beachy  or the easy Country-Style weddings. The cut is so effortless, that it makes you feel the wind running around it. These kind of dresses is more suitable with a Wavy hairstyle and minimal Makeup.

JOE_7639b JOE_7644b

The second dress was by ROSA CLARA and had a more structured silhouette to it. This dress enhances the the bust area and is perfect for showcasing an amazing figure. A Classic Styled Wedding would be a match-made-in-heaven with dress, all you need is a diamond necklace and of you go.

JOE_7665b JOE_7668b JOE_7676b

For the the third dress by ROSA CLARA, we decided to go for the full ruffled gown that would make any girl feel like a modern-day princess. This dress is perfect for those Dance-Loving girls who would spend their wedding dancing along with their guests will the Sunrise.

JOE_7681b JOE_7689b JOE_7712b

The Last Dress by GUIPURE was a total win in our Case. Kristina glowed when she tried this dress on, and that is a sign you need. This full-on BALL-GOWN was made to make an entrance and nothing can outshine the Bride on her Wedding day.

JOE_7714b JOE_7718b JOE_7721b

When THE GOWN was selected in was now the time for a small party with THE BRIDAL BASH, an amazing service provided by the ESPOSA team when the bride chooses her dress. A toast of champagne and dancing with your best friends is all you need at the end of this journey.


For all the brides-to-be, ESPOSA is an amazing place that makes you feel like a real princess.

To book your appointment you can check their website ::

and follow their Instagram page for more updates @esposagroup

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