My Fall/Winter Fashion Essentials


In my opinion there are two types of people in this world, Summer Children and Winter Children. I am definitely the latter. As much as I  enjoy the beach and the sunny weather, there is something about the cold, rainy winter days that make me feel more awake. As absurd as it may sound,I like the feeling of bundling up in my cozy jumpers and enjoying a cup a hot chocolate in front of the the fire. There’s nothing more idealistic than playing with different textures and layers to achieve the perfect winter ensemble.

Each fall, I try to go through all my wardrobe and decide what things are lacking for a fresh winter look, then I hit the stores to find those missing puzzle pieces and complete my palette.

In this post I have tried to bring the Fall feel with a twist; a melodic shoot full of character.

Let me know what you think of my picks for this Fall ? and what are your essentials?


A Cozy Sporty Jumper (from ZARA)  for a casual feel that could be easily dressed up with a pair of high heels and a red lipstick.


What I like about the colder months is the different textures that could be found in every outfit, so this super soft sweater from PROMOD is perfect for that easy addition of interest to your everyday look.

A long soft SCARF ( mine is from ZARA )  is a total essential in my opinion, it is perfect for saving your from the cold and adding a splash of color to any outfit you are wearing.

G60A0084 G60A0169

G60A0173 G60A0178 G60A0196

And My Favorite fashion piece by far for Fall is the Floppy Hat (mine is an old one from H&M). The Hat adds character and mystery to your look, and I haven’t found a person who doesn’t look great in hats.

Thank you Hsein Kazma for the amazing photos xoxo

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