Getting to Know [Add]Tension :: A Jewelry Brand with a Vision

In these rapid years of Fashion, it is quite difficult to find new brands that really bring out something new and exciting into this Domain. So when you stumble upon a PIECE OF ART through INSTAGRAM, you get really thrilled. It was one of my typical days of browsing through my Instagram feed, that I saw my dear friend KARLA from @TheStyleConceirge wearing the most gorgeous Blue-Stoned rings on her fingers, and the time simply froze while I was mesmerized by the simplicity and the beauty of the Design. That was how I got to know SINEM, the talented woman behind my favorite Jewelry Brand at the moment. So, after having a chit-chat with the designer, I knew it was time to let all my readers know more about the beauty of the brand [Add]Tension… Enjoy the interview 😀
  1. What does your brand name stand for?
[Add]Tension is a line of made-to-order statement jewelry, combines craftsmanship with contemporary-primitive design.
I said contemporary-primitive design because as a brand AddTension aims to redefine the process of filtering and focusing. As you can get from its name, all its philosophy comes from the current [A]ttention [D]eficit [D]isorder culture in which I believe we lost the sense of simplicity that drove our primitive states.
  1. What makes your brand pop and do you have a signature style?
Every AddTension design is a bespoke piece, handcrafted using natural stones with-in different geometrical forms to express a consistent character. For example in our first collection we used so many edges and curves together, which may seem to be so opponent. But in fact they all aim to define the concentration again in a different way.
  1. What are the materials that you prefer using in your designs?

Natural stones have an important role to bring primitiveness and uniqueness to our skin. In this context especially brown and blue colors refer to AddTension a lot by emphasizing on its domain and values that it stands for.

  1. Your designs have a very modern and unique feel to them, What inspires you?

As I mentioned at the beginning, AddTension is born out of a deep search of missing values we desire. Today it is more concentrated, natural forms but tomorrow it can be anything else. I believe we should take design process sociologically, instead of “what’s happening”, “what we are searching for” is more inspiring.

  1. Do you have any artistic background and how did you decide to launch the brand?
I didn’t study design but I have always been in to it, really. Following my BA degree, I had my MA in Fashion Brand Management, and I guess it was a milestone for me, to realize what I really want to do and what I really want to talk with my design.
  1. What are your future plans for {ADD tension}?

AddTension is a pretty young brand, and it is very exciting for me to watch it’s expanding. Hopefully, very soon we will be ready at the international platforms to meet international buyers as well.

  1. Where can we find your collection? And how can we make a purchase?
   Curretly AddTension is available both on online /offline platforms in domestic market – Turkey. But International followers can reach and order all via as well.For all updates follow us on
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