Sticking to Black and White


I always hear people talk about how they always feel “safer” wearing black all the time instead of opting for colors or prints, but for a “pattern”-loving person as myself, I feel lost when trying to wear a total black outfit. I may even confess that I own maybe 5 Black pieces in-total in my whole wardrobe. Shocking, I know !! Somehow I have always found it very hard to pull off, and tending to prefer the bold statement pieces.

As I am currently re-inventing my wardrobe and adding to it vitally lacking pieces, I’ve started appreciating the concept of less is more. For this look, I decided to stick to a Total Black and White look but with my own Patterny-Twist. I styled my black-collared shirt with my old but well-loved Vero Moda black&white skirt. As for the accessories it was a total black domination scene with velvet flats and my favorite black rubbery bag.

How do you wear your BLACK?
43 52 6 7

What I Wore:

Top: Promod | Skirt: VeroModa | Flats: ZARA | Bag: M2 | Necklaces: H&M + Promod | Earrings: ZARA

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15 thoughts on “Sticking to Black and White

  1. Lovely photos! I thought de article would be on black and white photography, but it turned out to be fashion,) To answer your question: I only wear a white shirt in a suit or nice china’s (business) or white t-shirt (with print) on jeans, chinos or shorts. I honestly only own 1 black shirt and a few dark grey t-shirt.

    Happy Monday and kind regards,

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