The Art of Layering for MEN

men's fashion 101, the art of layering

As a girl I feel quite lucky in having infinite fashion choices that make dressing up really fun and challenging. I could dress-up or dress-down with such an ease since I do have a lot of styles that I can relate to and because I am simply a Girl, but for Men it is different.
Lately, men’s fashion has become an understatement, I don’t know if it the society that made the men try less in dressing up or is it their self-esteem.  Somehow men are criticized for trying too hard and playing with their looks. But that’s a total shame since they too deserve to showcase their individuality through the way they dress. So, this is a post dedicated to the power of Men in Fashion and their Rights to go wild.
For me when it comes to any type fashion, LAYERING is the first that comes to mind. Nothing matches the art of mixing and matching together different elements and textures together for a coherent Fall/Winter look. Most of the guys tend to wear the typical safe combination of SHIRT + PANTS(or JEANS) + BLAZER/JACKET , and don’t get me wrong it’s a perfect and classic combination, but don’t you want your look to resemble you??
The Layering allows you to experiment with your looks and decide on which you want to be on a given day. You could be wearing a classic Shirt and Suit combination one day, and by adding a  sporty Vest to this same combination the other day you get a more casual feel. There are no specific rules for layering, you only have to experiment with different layers to get the effect you want, just remember to color match the whole outfit and stick to mainly one print for a crisp and professional feel.

The Main layering pieces that should be in every men’s wardrobe are: A Chunky Cardigan, a Sport Vest, a Denim Jacket, and a striped Sweater. These are just guidelines; you can remove and add the pieces that are more your style and allow your fashion senses to guide you.


Disclaimer: This is a post written especially for Joe’s Box blog , as a special guest Fashion Blogger. 

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