HAUL #1 :: Bath&Body Works + The BodyShop


There are some things that I never buy in Sale, because I hate the discomfort and all the hustle from other shoppers around me. But there are stores that I head to only during the sale season. These two stores are The BodyShop and Bath&Body Works, both have amazing products that I like stocking up from when they have their massive sales, because believe me, it is not worth paying 30$ per one candle when you can get it for less than 8$ 😛


The Candles I got (from L to R) :: Bergamot Woods, Gelato , LEAVES (as you can see this is my favorite, so I got 2) , Frosted Cupcake

So, last weekend I had a little shopping spree in both of my favorite stores, and picked up a couple of things that would last me for almost a year or at least 6 months. My first stop was Bath&Body Works, which is my dream-come-true store, since I am a total Candle-aholic, if there’s such a word, and picked 5 large candles and 2 medium-sized candles. Although I think I am going again for at least 2 pretty soon. I know, for some of you this is a lot of candles, but for me it’s part of my evening routine, which consists of a good cup of tea, a book and a lit candle.


These are in their newest size, which I actually like more than the large ones.

After the Candle hoarding, I went straight to The BodyShop to get me some “Mango” stuff. The Mango scent is my favorite from their range and I love having it constantly in my body-care routine. I am not going to blab about how amazing their body butters and body scrubs are, because I think you all know that by now. My secret to shopping wisely in BodyShop is by getting one of their Christmas Sets in January 😀 you get a hell lot of products for a fracture of the price, since they discount all their festive sets right after the Holidays. A score in my opinion.

_MG_7187 _MG_7190


What have you bought during the Sales lately?





9 thoughts on “HAUL #1 :: Bath&Body Works + The BodyShop

  1. You know what candles I bought in the sales 😉 I should also hit up Body Shop and stock up on body scrubs!!!
    Ps. I’m really loving this new size better than the big ones as well!

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