Battle of the Concealers


CONCEALERS … I think you can say that besides the Mascara, Concealer is the number one must-have makeup product for everyone. Even if you are a type of person who likes more natural looks and the usage of minimum number of products, the concealer is always on top of your list.

Finding the perfect concealer is a hard quest, and it needs a lot of trial and error, but once you understand the different types of concealers and where to use each type, you would find your perfect tube pretty soon.

The biggest misconception that I used to face, is that I didn’t know there were different types of concealers for different purposes. There are the Brightening Concealers that are perfect for the under-eye area, which are usually pink or salmon in color. And then there are the concealers for hiding the pimpels or any other imperfections on your face, which come usually in more yellow-ish tones. So, after a lot of trials and errors in finding THE ONE, I actually understood that there cannot be a concealer that does everything, but I could find the perfect one for every task.

Here is the list of Concealers that are now present in my collection, and which I can safely recommend to people around me. So, check them out and maybe you would find the concealer that is perfect for YOU.
_MG_69291. SOAP&GLORY KickAss Concealer in Light : This is the perfect example of a concealer that does all and that is because it has 3 different products that could help you in achieving the camouflaged look. First, there is the Salmon-y concealer that I use for under the eye area, then there is the more skin-toned that I use on all the redness on my face. In addition to these 2 products there is the setting powder that allows the concealer to last longer on my face throughout the day. This is one of my favorite concealers to use during the winter weather, since is has a very Creamy consistency, which is perfect for the dry colder weather. Sadly this concealer is hard to find anywhere other that in the UK, but if you have someone who is traveling there you could always ask them for one. It retails for 10 £, which is such a bargain for what it does.

2. DIORSKIN NUDE Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer: If I was asked to choose one product to use for the rest of my life, I would gladly pick this concealer out of everything, because it is one of the best products I have ever tried or used. It gives the best coverage without drying out the under-eye area. I even use it without applying any eye-cream because of it’s hydrating powers. Although I have only good things to say about this concealer, I have to state the obvious negative things. One of them, is that it comes in only 4 shades, and the dark shades are not as dark in my opinion as they could be. My shade is 2 and I am obviously super pale, but if you are lucky to be matched to to your perfect color then you wouldn’t need another concealer in your life. And since it is from Dior, it retails as high as 52$ here in Lebanon 😦 very sad I know.


3. INGLOT Cream Concealer: This concealer was the first concealer that I got which was the perfect match to my skin-tone, and I think the only one, in addition to Dior, that matches me 100%. This is a very light-weight under-eye concealers, which is perfect for those “Good Skin Days”, I use it mostly during the Summer times, when I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. This concealer is super for applying over your foundation and brightens the area perfectly. I don’t think I would repurchase this concealer again, just because the Bourjois gives me the same effect and is cheaper. It retails for 21$, but I have to say that I got it a year and half ago, so the prices may have changed._MG_6944

4. BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer: This is my second tube of the same concealer, and this alone says a lot about how amazing it is. This concealer does exactly what you want your under-eye concealer to do, it conceals the nasty dark circles and brightens up the area in a very natural way, that your skin looks flawless. In combination with the Healthy Mix Foundation you get the perfectly Glow-y skin that you have always dreamt of. The only problem with concealer is the shade range, this is the problem with most of the drugstore concealers since some people could never find their perfect match. It retails for 18$ in Lebanon. _MG_6946

5. HARD CANDY Glamoflauge Concealer: As the name mentions, it does exactly what it says. It covers EVERYTHING, and by everything, I mean Everything. This is the only concealer I have tried that is very high-coverage but never appears to be cake-y on your face. Once again, sadly this concealer could only be found in the US, and I have to thank my friend Aline from the blog for introducing me to this amazing product. I always use this concealer when I need more coverage, i.e. during filming or photoshoots. _MG_69496. COLLECTION 200 Lasting Perfection Concealer: I think this is the most famous concealer in the Blogger/Youtube World, it was one of the cheapest, but mostly effective concealers in the drugstore. Again, my apologies to my readers, this product can only be found in the UK. This concealer is medium to high coverage product that I find better using all-over the face instead of the under-eye area, since it could be quite drying there. As for the face it conceals perfectly and lasts all day without disappearing in the middle of the day. A highly recommended product and must-have in any makeup bag. It retails for about 4£ in the UK stores.


Which concealers are your favorite? and do you struggle with the shades as much as I do?



8 thoughts on “Battle of the Concealers

  1. Hard Candy is awesome indeed! I also really like Benefit Boing, it’s the only concealer in a pot I’ve tried and it’s really creamy and awesome. I want to try the NARS one, Clarins and MAC Pro long wear 😀

  2. I recently tried Estee Lauder double wear concealer and I really like it too! I also heard wonders about the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer that we sadly don’t have here! Love the post ❤

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