Hair Update :: I am officially a Blonde

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Yes, I am officially a Blonde, or at least partially!! I am still in the transitional stage from getting to my perfect color, since it’s pretty hard going from a Dark Brunette to an Ashy Blonde in one go.

People have been asking me a lot about why have I decided to go the other direction, since the Brown hair suited me well, but don’t get me wrong here, I liked being a Brunette and I still like the idea that I can always get back to my roots whenever I want. For me, it’s all about the change and the excitement of something new. For some people, this excitement comes in the form of shopping and buying the most coveted item, but for me, I like changing my hair. In my opinion, nothing changes a person more than a haircut or a hair color. So, after having the same haircut for a very long time and getting bored from Ombre, I have decided to go extreme and try living a life as a Blonde. And I did it!

I am not a very hesitant person with my hair decisions, I have tried it all from pixi cuts to red-dyed hair to long layers, so for me what was left was going Blonde. And I think I like it 😀 It is still hard for me to comprehend when I see myself in the mirror, but day after day I am getting used to it and I am coping just fine. For me this is the most drastic change I have ever made in terms of style, since I look quite different, in a good way for sure! Some people say this hair color makes me look older, but I find that it suits my complexion better.

To cut this long story short, if you have ever thought of changing either your hairstyle or your hair color, do not hesitate since you only live once! Enjoy the change and embrace the new, you can always go back to the same familiar you whenever you want 😀

What I wore: Top: ZARA | Earrings: Forever21 | Watch: Daniel Wellington

Photos c/o Hsein S.Kazma


20 thoughts on “Hair Update :: I am officially a Blonde

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  2. I like your new hair color. Even if you’re still in the transitional stage and this hair color is only temporary, it still suits you very well. And I absolutely love your earrings! Have a fab day xx

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