Men’s Edition :: The Casual Look

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The “What He Wore” category is back on track, and hopefully this time it is back for good.

From my guest posts on Joe’s Box to my friends in real life, a lot of people have been really getting interested in Men’s Fashion around and for a good reason it is. Long days have passed since men couldn’t be bothered with either fashion or styling, and now are the days where the Men’s Fashion Week is getting closer to reaching the same peak of popularity as the women’s .

For me, men’s fashion shouldn’t be about over-doing it with extreme prints and styles, it’s all about the balance of the colors and texture and creating an outfit that reflects their inner state of mind.

You can never go wrong with the perfect Winter Quilted Jacket that adds a casual spirit to the otherwise very classic look. And it is always nice seeing guys who go for lighter shades and colors instead of their typical Greys and Blacks. Combining this Beige Jacket with the grey sweater and the brown pants creates a very earthy palette that is bullet-proof and goes for all occasions. So, next time when you are looking for an update in your winter closet, go for the Quilted Jacket and you will be satisfied with how versatile and convenient it is for styling.


What He Wore: Jacket + Pants : ZARA | Sweater: GAP | Shirt: Ted Baker | Shoes: ALDO | Watch : CK | Sunglasses: RayBan.


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