The Perfect Boyfriend <3

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What I Wore : Shirt: Promod | Leather Jacket: Morgan(GS stores) | Jeans: GAP | Heels: Promod | Bag: Cortefiel | Sunglasses: TomFord | Earrings: H&M

I think I may be quite late for the Boyfriend Jeans bandwagon, but as they say , “Better Late than Never!” After a very long search for the perfectly fitted boyfriend jeans, I found the IT pair in no other than GAP, weird I know, since I have never thought of going there for my jeans. This pair has the most flattering loose fit, that doesn’t overwhelm my body and sits right on the hips, thus keeping my figure very feminine, a problem I usually had when shopping for the boyfriends before.

When styling the Boyfriend Jeans I think it is always better to go for pumps or high heels, since they do elongate your legs more and flatters the whole looks tremendously.

Another favorite addition to my closet, that I can’t stop wearing, is my leather Jacket from Morgan. I think leather jackets are investment pieces and just get better with wear, so it’s better to splurge on it instead of getting cheaper ones every year or so.





12 thoughts on “The Perfect Boyfriend <3

  1. Always stunning! I’m afraid I have that same problem with boyfriend cuts, they enlarge my hips too much. Though, I’ll have to check them out at GAP, cause I never do!
    Much love Maya ❤

  2. Your outfit is fantastic. Your sense of style is very unique, and I absolutely love it. It might be too unique for some, but I like people with an unusually bold taste in clothes. Loved this post. I personally love long texts to accompany the photos, but that is just me. Otherwise, I totally love your blog. It is so polished and chic… I don’t know, it’s just what I am looking for in a blog, if you know what I mean. It’s obvious you put effort into it and as I have previously said in several other comments that is what I am missing from many other blogs which would otherwise be fab. Oh well. At least yours is. xoxo

    • Weirdly enough, I love reading texts to other people’s posts too. I think the writing adds a lot to the whole content and gives you an understanding of the person behind the photos.
      and thank you for the lovely words 😀

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