Welcome to My YouTube Channel

What'sInMyBagThumb copyFor some of you this is old news since I have been doing youtube for 6 months now, but I have been filming for an already established channel that had a lot of other girls with me, and although it was a lot of fun, I knew I wanted to start my own Channel and my own space and I finally did it!  PLAYINGWITHFASHION (youtube link)

For my first video, I knew I wanted to film something very easy and fun, so I went for the “What’s In My Bag?” Tag ❤
I loved the whole experience of prepping and filming and then editing. It’s a whole new world, very different from the blogging world, but at the same time very similar in some ways. I am planning on uploading twice per week, so another video is coming up at the end of this week.

Although, I am mainly going to speak in Arabic, I am going to try and add English subtitles in my next one.

Wish me luck and Subscribe 😀



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