❤ What’s Your Love Story ❤

Through-the-hallwayWith the Valentine’s Day approaching you could usually sense two types of people around you. People who are totally against everything that this Day stands for and the Other half, which lives and breathes everything pink and heart-shaped. For me, it is quite neutral in terms of the high anticipation that this holiday provokes, since I see it as another day to appreciate and love your spouse or anyone special in your life. So, I don’t really care about the grand gestures and over-the-top gifts, what really matters is giving YOUR TIME to your other half. There’s nothing more precious and real than giving all your attention to that person for a whole day, to actually listen to every single word they say and catch their every little gesture. We lead very hectic lives with the time slipping away right in front of us, so I am grateful for such Days that make us think again of love and why it matters. WaitingI-See-YouDon't-Starecalm windowPlease-take-itDreamy-eyesTshooze-Shoes

Valentine’s Day is all about re-living the first days of your love story, when you were having that sweet and flattery feeling in your stomach while getting ready for your date. It’s all about the anticipation of spending precious time with your love and having a romantic dinner with good food and a great mood. As cheesy as it may sound a simple and romantic dinner is the easiest and the most loving thing for Valentine’s, whether it is a self-cooked dinner at home or a lavish dinner at a 5-stars hotel , you would feel the Love in the Air.


What I Wore: Top + Skirt + Heels :GS stores | Necklace: PURRL  | Watch: Calvin Klein | Earrings: ZARA |

What He Wore: Shirt + Jeans: Springfield | Shoes : GEOX | Watch: Calvin Klein | Glasses : Dolce&Gabbana |

Photos by Hsein Kazma | Edited by K-Frame Creative Agency

Special Thanks to  Hilton Hotel Habtoor for having us and treating us like royals in their KING ROYAL SUITE. We had such a relaxing time and enjoyed an amazing Valentine’s Dinner at the Le CIEL Restaurant. Their Chef Michele Deeb is an artist and the food we had can not be explained with simple words. If you are still looking for something to surprise your other half with, look out for their Valentine Special Offers and enjoy your day in Luxury.  


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