What Does LOVE Mean To You?

VeilLOVE … such a short word that has a never-ending meaning.

People dedicate so much time to finding their second-half that they sometimes do not see all the love surrounding them. In their quest for finding LOVE they simply forget to love themselves, which is the most important matter. How can someone give you love when you can not experience it yourself.PrettyOn-the-RailFront-BackBack-RailThrough-CurtainsHold-meBack-on-wallBack-front-2

Although I am pretty lucky to have met my soulmate in the early university days, I still appreciate all the love surrounding me from Family and Friends and I try to dedicate a part of my love to them, too. So, during this Valentine season share the love with the people that matter and simply enjoy your day without stressing out too much about having a date or what dress you are going to wear.Look-at-me


What I Wore: Skirt + Top + Blazer : GS Stores | Heels: Rockport (GS stores) | Necklace: Topshop | Earrings: ZARA |

What He Wore: Shirt + Sweater + Jeans: Springfield (GS Stores) | Shoes : GEOX | Watch: Calvin Klein | Glasses : Dolce&Gabbana |

Photos by Hsein Kazma | Edited by K-Frame Creative Agency

Special Thanks to  Hilton Hotel Habtoor for having us and treating us like royals in their KING ROYAL SUITE. We had such a relaxing time and enjoyed an amazing Valentine’s Dinner at the Le CIEL Restaurant. Their Chef Michele Deeb is an artist and the food we had can not be explained with simple words. If you are still looking for something to surprise your other half with, look out for their Valentine Special Offers and enjoy your day in Luxury.  



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