Welcoming Spring


After a week off from blogging, I am happy to be back. I have decided to give myself some quality time away from the social media, since I’ve felt I was very overwhelmed with everything and it really paid off. I am happy and excited to start posting and writing again, what makes me even more excited is that I am very close to 1,000 subscribers on my youtube channel ❤ Thank you everyone who have supported me and watched my videos.

Another thing, which got me excited for blogging again, is that my Best Friend & Photographer Betty is back in town. So, obviously we were meant to do couple of shoots together.


Since, Spring is just around the corner, I am happy to start wearing lighter cardigans instead of the heavy coats and leather jackets. I opted for a very neutral look with all black and grey colors and minimal accessories, because I wanted the emphasis to be on the shape of the cardigan and the simplicity of the outfit. As much as I love wearing different prints and colors, sometimes it is better in monochrome.

IMG_1361-1-1 IMG_1384-1 IMG_1387-1 IMG_1390-1 IMG_1397-1


What I Wore:

Top: ZARA | Jeans: GS stores | Cardigan: VeroModa | Necklace: Accessorize | Heels: ZARA | Earrings: Forever21|

Location: DownTown Beirut

Photos c/o BetKet Photography



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