How I Edit My Instagram Photos



I know this might not be a “Eurika” post for some people, but I actually get a lot of questions regarding how I get my pictures so clear on my Instagram and what apps do I use to achieve the effects I sometimes post.

Long gone are the days, when we used to abuse the “instagram” effects and try so hard to give our photos the “Vintage Look” . These days it’s all about the clean lines mostly and the proper lighting. After a lot of trial and errors and my not so proud earlier images, I finally settled for the simplest but the most effective way of editing your photos: Brightness + Contrast. I use the same technique with my Blog Posts, too, since I try taking pictures in a decent light, thus allowing me not to mess a lot with the photo to achieve the desired effect. I find that by adjusting the brightness and the contrast you get the Sharp and Bold image that would look very natural and clean.

IMG_6067 IMG_6068



There are some times when adjusting the Brightness and the Contrast, doesn’t work its magic ( you know the late event pictures, where the lighting is always shitty ) here are a couple of well trusted apps that I always get back to when needed.

1. SQUAREADY : I think this is one of my most used instagram-related apps, since it makes all the non-square images that I take on my Iphone perfect for the feed. We all get frustrated when we have to choose either showing our head or our shoes in one picture. ( important stuff, I know :P)

2. SPARKMODE : (previously Mirrorgram) I used to love this app a lot last year, but my taste in editing changes a lot so maybe I’ll get back on track with it soon. This app allows you to create gorgeous MIRROR effects with your photos, from vertical to horizontal to even diagonal.

3. OVER: The only paid app that I have on my iphone, this app allows you to add writings and small images to your photos, in a very minimalistic and clean way. The fonts that they have are very modern and different in style and shape, and I think everyone can find his perfect style through this app. Additional fonts and images get added with every update, too.

4. VSCOcam: If you love minimalistic and muted-in-color photos this app is for you. VSCOcam has gorgeous photo effects that create artistic moods to any of your photos. When I am struggling with any of my photos, I always go back to this app for the proper oomph. Surprisingly this app is for free, but it is amazing.






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